Jul 6, 2017 Today Could Be Our Very Last Day. Ever.

I try to remember that every day may be my last,
and that every moment is an opportunity to savor and appreciate all that is.
And then at other times I think …
who cares,
everyone should just leave me to my vices cause this could be my last day.

Jun 8, 2017 He Said / She Said Type of Thing

Let’s say you were in the middle of an argument, a he said/she said type of thing.
And in the middle of the argument you began to doubt yourself.
Would you admit it to your opponent/love of your life,
or would you do what I tend to do?

Apr 29, 2017 I may have bought too many pens

I went a little overboard at the art supply store. Big deadline looming on the 15th of May, and I’m terrified of running out of ink.


Apr 21, 2017 Body Image Boost

How many articles of clothing do you have in your closet that don’t fit anymore?
I have about a dozen.
Everyday I look at them and I feel bad about how much I weigh.
So today, this very day, I’m giving my body image a boost!
If it’s too tight to wear today, this very day, it’s going to be donated.