When you need fresh content on an ongoing basis, consider the weekly syndication option. Some of the finest newspapers worldwide have featured Everyday People, including: The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Sunday Australia Telegraph and The Toronto Star.

How do I subscribe to the weekly syndication service?
Contact Cathy with your publication's information to receive a prompt customized quote.

Are there customized options? For example, can I use one cartoon a month?
Yes, we're very accommodating.

Does the syndication service offer previously unpublished cartoons?
Yes, syndication customers receive new cartoons at least one month before they're uploaded to this site. However, if a previously published cartoon strikes your fancy, you may use it as well.

How will I receive cartoons and invoices?
New cartoons are emailed along with invoices on the first of the month and payable by check, PayPal or credit card.   

In what format will I receive the cartoons?
300DPI JPEG for print use, and 72DPI JPEG for web use. Alternative formats can also be arranged.

What's the next step?
Contact Cathy with any questions or to begin subscribing to the syndication service.

"Women have a tendency to grin and nod when they see Cathy Thorne's work. Subtle, relevant humor. That's why we like Everyday People." (Rick Welch, Features Editor, Ventura County Star, California, USA)

Select Clients 

Toronto Star (Ontario, Canada)
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia, USA)
The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Ventura County Star (California, USA)
Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

babycenter.com (Johnson & Johnson)
MassMoms.com (Telegram & Gazette, Worcester,USA)
mom2momkc.com (Kansas City Star, Missouri, USA)
SavvyMom.ca (Canada)

Good Housekeeping 
Reader's Digest 
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